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Rainforest Preservation #001

Rainforest Preservation #001

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One Tree, One Purpose

#001__ Limited production of 40 pu erh cakes in 2013 

In our efforts to source quality pu erh tea we, like you, deeply believe in an everlasting impact of our actions on the planet. Three things will happen as a result of this series, preservation of knowledge, improvement of lively hood, and prosperity of our planet. 

Each of our rainforest preservation series is sourced from one unique tree that dots the mountain. Known only to the indigenous tribes who have passed down the location and harvesting method through the testimony of time, tribes and families can pass on the craft of hand harvesting tea without having to compete with brands and corporations. The location of this single tree known only to us and our elusive friend has come full circle in this limited edition. 

Additionally, 5% of sales will go towards the Tea 2030 initiative by Forum for the Future.  

Manufacturer: Chang Li Chen Ji 

Flavour: Sweet scent, gliding mouth feel, elegant floral and hay notes. 

Steeps with flavor development: 12 

1/8 cake (~45g); brews yield: 3 generous, 5 normal 

Full pu erh bing (357g)