Porcelain Gaiwan
Porcelain Gaiwan

Porcelain Gaiwan

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a vessel for skillful brews 

The utilitarian aspect of gaiwan has allowed it to survive for 700 years with minimal alterations fit for emperors and citizens alike. Our gaiwan brings it back to basics, made from high quality porcelain so thin the whole thing appears translucent when held in front of light. 

This porcelain gaiwan can be the only teaware you ever buy, and you would make tastier tea than most people, simply because you use loose leaf and a gaiwan. When brewing with gaiwan, steeping quickly with generous amounts of leaves and a dash of hot water brings out individual flavors that a longer steep would just muddle together to create a broader note that would lead some to say "tea just taste like tea."

Imagine if you were told you can split a dollar into ten dollars, wouldn't that be great? Well, with a gaiwan, you are skillfully taking that one brew of tea and turning it into ten.
In this regard, why would you every want to brew with anything else but a gaiwan?