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Teazy Boost

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Fine Tea and Cigars Experience 

Across Thousands of Miles and Oceans
We've found a Pair Worthy of Your Time  

Naturally, the exchange of tea and cigars prompted an experimental pairing documented below 

Bolivar Royal Coronation with Orion and Solidarity 
Por Larrañaga Petit Corona with Cretos and Dionos 
Partagas Series P No. 2 with Philos and Demetera  
Trinidad Coloniales with Epicuro and Cretos 
Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 with Cretos and Orion

 In General, we thought the cigars muted the more pronounced notes of tea and opened up interesting flavors that were buried, while the tea washed down the build up of smoke to refresh the lovely cigar flavors.

Its often said, don't smoke if you want to taste the tea, and don't drink watery liquids to mess up the cigar taste. But after further experiment, we found the silver lining that is pairing sweeter and floral cigars with younger and lighter tea, while powerful and leathery cigars should go with woody and darker brews. With this method of pairing, jasmine, hay, moss notes fly from young tea and light cigars, while incense, dark chocolate, gravy, and cured ham begin to show from the dark side. 

4 types of tea,  2 types of cigar each month
1 month
3 months 
6 months 
3+months - Free Porcelain Gaiwan for brewing tea 
The optimal pairing of tea may be an oolong, puerh, white, black, or green 
All cigars in stock are authentic tax-free* Cubans 

Its intriguing that there is relatively few pairings done, especially with tea and cigars. Both require time to fully enjoy in a setting, both gains depth when paired, both has the ability to bring people closer. In many ways, this low-key dynamic duo of tea and cigars challenges our palette to develop itself.  

*tax-free will be reflected upon check out unless country specific issues arise