ripe puer tea 2013 menghai shu puerh


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2010 MengHai Wild Arbor

Distinctive yet clean taste for a Ripe Puerh Tea 

Invented in the 1970s to accomidate growing demand for well aged puerh, the method of piling and mimicking the aged taste of puer has matured over the years. In the begining, it was thought to be unworthy of high quality raw leaves and the end product often contain uncleansy debries. We went above and beyond by using top notch wild arbor leaves and leaving 30% of the leaves raw to age over the years. The result is a simple yet delicate ripe tea that evolves as you brew. Setting the bar for ripe puer tea in your mind or a gift for an experienced tea drinker, it will be a well spent tea session for sure. 

Manufacturer: Chang Li Chen Ji 

Flavour: Camphor tree, Cinnamon, Honey, Peppercorn 

Steeps with flavor development: 8 

1/8 bing (~45g); brews yield: 3 generous, 5 normal 

Full bing (357g)