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1970s Vintage Spring Tip Puerh

Grace in Old Age

Born the 70s, during the twilight of the Apollo missions, witnessing the birth of Microsoft, the end of the Vietnam War and Cultural Revolution in China. This tea has more stories than a storybook. Representing what pu-erh is all about, well aged from fine materials that tells the tale of time. 

Flavor: Soothing to the palette with fine wood and ginseng essences, rising body-feel through out and warming of extremities, leaving your mouth with a luxurious coating. 

Brewing: Rolling boil for the first wash (2~3 seconds) to revitalize the tea. Gradually lower brewing temperature and increase brew time, forget about exact measurements let this tea speak to you.

Listed price per 25g 

Steeps: 8 brews for optimal strength. continue brewing for light woody flavors. 

Yield: 3 servings at ~8 grams each 

note: the exactly age, origin, and identity badge of this puerh tea has been lost through time, hence the seemingly low price to comparably well aged tea. Our guarantee is that this fine spring tip has been aged for 40 years.