Your Finest Tea, Loose, Not Bagged

Below is one of many article from around the web that perfectly explains the simple reason why bagged tea will never taste as good as loose leaf! No matter how much you may be enticed to drink tea from a bag, whether its the nicely designed box, or the flavors that they claim, and the impressive story. One thing you cant beat? How it makes you feel when you drink it. 


The Healthiest Beverage In The World 

Tea is a fascinating beverage with several flavors, blends, and topics. Over 2 billion people enjoy a cup of tea every morning around the world. This certainly makes the intriguing little plant a hot topic. The U.S. alone consumes 519 million lbs of tea every year! Though it played a role in Eastern culture for thousands of years, it wasn’t until recently that the American market grew exponentially. All of this popularity creates an overwhelmingly vast amount of options for a consumer, leaving you to wonder:

How am I to decide what tea is best for me?

That is a tricky question to answer in a single article. First, let’s talk about why you should choose loose leaf tea over their processed and bagged competitors. Many teas are stored in bags for ease of brewing. These teas are not as enticing due to the severe processing they undergo, which takes away the its delicious flavors and aroma. We can all agree that overly processed foods are trending downwards as organic products are on the rise.

Over many years of research, western medicine has discovered what eastern cultures knew for centuries – Tea is the healthiest beverage known to man. It is truly gratifying for tea enthusiasts that medical experts acknowledge the benefits. Countless publications by the National Center for Biotechnology cover the unlimited potential benefits of tea consumption.

Organic Loose Leaf Tea vs. Processed Teas from Major Brands

Millions of consumers are blissfully unaware of the true potential of tea which is lost when using a commercial tea bag. The rigorous processes involved in the mass production of major brand teas leave a very bitter, generic aftertaste. When buying a generic brand, you also won’t enjoy the captivating aroma of a fine, aged blend of tea. Teas from commercial bags have a neutral, bland taste and aroma. The contents of commercial bags are the ‘fanning’ or waste material from the processing of high-grade leaf teas. Try a taste test for yourself between a green tea from a commercial brand and a high quality organic loose leaf tea. The truth is that commercial brand tea tastes pretty much the same across all four types: black, white, green, and oolong.

Another issue with tea bags is that the herb is ground up into very small fragments. The bag is a restricted space where the water cannot circulate properly and the flavors remain bland. Whenever tea is ground up, it presents a large surface area to the air allowing it to oxidize more quickly. Even the anti-oxidants oxidize! In other words, it is stale by the time you taste it. The taste is poor and any goodness that the herb contains will be greatly reduced as well. With loose leaf, the leaf remains whole. As a result, the process of oxidation is much slower as the air does not reach the center of the leaf. The leaves keep their fresh flavors and aroma for a longer duration while you reap the full rewards of the powerful little plants!